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Startup Giants is a UK-based startup accelerator that invests in tech startups in the UK at the pre-seed stage (also known as concept stage), then participates on subsequent seed and expansion rounds.

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Location: United Kingdom
Funded: 89.1
Target: 800,000
Equity: 80
Days Left:
Sector: Finance
Share Price: £1
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Hi - I like the concept . How much of the initial GBP 1m would be invested? I imagine the cost of running such a business could eat into the capital raised - can you give information on what the annual running costs would be? Thanks

Hi Gary, annual running costs forecast to be £1,037m in FY16/17, £1,778m in FY17/18, £2,373m in FY19/20 and £2,523m in FY20/21. Forecast capital investments expected to be £0,810m in FY16/17, £0,5m in FY19/20 and £0,25m in FY20/21 – majority of FY16/17 funded by cash in bank from previous crowd fund with the balance and following years forecast to be funded by a mix of capital raised from this crowd fund together with cash generated by the business. Some of the previous capital raised together with the new capital has been forecast to be used to assist cashflow (operations) in FY16/17 and FY17/18 whilst we bed the infrastructure in but should we achieve our business plan this then produces a positive flow from FY18/19 onwards freeing up cash for further capital investments.


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71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden


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Startup Giants is a UK-based startup accelerator that invests in tech startups in the UK at the pre-seed stage (also known as concept stage), then participates on subsequent seed and expansion rounds.

*DIRECTOR UPDATE* Please read more here:

Key Achievements

Startup Giants was formed at the end of 2014 and has run two successful accelerator rounds during 2015, one in the Spring and another in the Autumn, creating a dealbook of over 400 companies with interviews taking place with over 60 founders. The Company has also raised £550k of investment.

Differentiation and Market Impact

At Startup Giants, our aim is to provide a refreshing alternative to the traditional routes of investing directly in early stage tech startups in the UK with all the benefits of investing on a regulated and listed stock exchange. If you have heard of Y-Combinator, Techstars, Ignite, and, then you've got a good idea of the space in which Startup Giants operates. Building a portfolio in young tech companies requires the right knowledge and background to assess startup potential, and if you’re using Angel and Crowdfunding platforms then you’ll need to leave your money tied up until the startup provides an exit. Startup Giants overcomes these challenges by applying to list on the ISDX Stock Exchange in London, enabling you to invest in a regulated portfolio of startups and trade your shares whenever it suits you. Portfolio Spread: We realise how hard it can be for individuals to identify the best startup deals at the concept stage. By taking shares in Startup Giants, you’re buying into a hand-picked portfolio of some of the best UK talent. Increased Liquidity: Because Startup Giants is applying to list on the ISDX Stock Exchange, you’ll be able to trade your shares any time you need to scale your investment up or down, unlike investing in crowdfund or startup deals yourself. UK Tax Relief: Startup Giants will be a qualifying investment for individuals in the UK who want to top up their SIPP portfolio with dealflow, offering up to 45% tax relief on contributions with no UK capital gains tax or UK income tax to pay.

Monetisation Strategy

The Company’s revenue model is principally to realise investment gains through portfolio divestments by using the skill and experience of its executive management, supported by its non-executive directors and investment advisory panel, to identify and mentor technology startups with the potential for significant growth. The Company may also provide a range of services to its portfolio companies. Startup Giants will provide pre-seed and seed money in exchange for up to 40% of the enlarged equity in them over two investment rounds. The Company will also provide mentoring, expertise and access to its connections to the startups in which it has agreed to invest. Each startup will be mentored through three major milestones to reach a point at which it can then be partially divested to one of the bigger VC funds and subsequently through IPO or trade sale. Startup Giants will offer access to mentoring and services that each startup can tap into according to their own needs once they have launched. The benefit for Startup Giants is to have all startups adopt similar processes and procedures, as well as to generate some smaller additional revenues to cover operational costs.

Use of Funds

Startup Giants has already raised £550k to satisfy the ISDX rules to qualify as an investment business. A further requirement within the ISDX rules for new issuers is to have a minimum free float (ie: shares in public hands). As a guideline, it is recommended to have 10% or more as a free float. Startup Giants is raising £250k based on a £1m post-money valuation to achieve a 25% free float. Post listing, these funds will be used to invest in some of the promising startups that have already been identified as well as new talent to be identified on an upcoming accelerator round.
  • Ian Kennedy

    Ian is currently Chief Operating Officer of Hermes Investment Management (£32B under management) and in his role, Ian forms part of the Hermes Executive Committee and Board. Ian has over 20 years in wealth management, private banking and brokerage.

  • Kevin Doyle

    Kevin's previous company was subsequently acquired by Infobank. Kevin was the second largest private shareholder in this business, which became the fastest growing technology company on the London Stock Exchange and reached a market cap of £2.6 Billion.

  • Virginia Filmer-Sankey

    Virginia established a freight forwarding and logistics business in 1996, which was subsequently acquired in 2001 and for the last thirteen years has been the financial director for a private investment group in Belgium and the Adaro Group in the UK.

  • Jeb Buckler

    Jeb has founded several businesses including a 120-resource software development company at the biggest Technopark in India in 2004, and the first online real-time insurance marketplace in the Middle East (now with 24 insurers on the platform) in 2009.

  • Jacques De Mévius

    Jacques is part of the eighth generation family ownership of global brewing and beverage group Anheuser-Busch InBev, the number one brewing business in the world, since Inbev bought Anheuser-Busch for an amount close to USD 50B.

  • Fred Betito

    Fred has held senior positions with KPMG Consulting, Levi’s Strauss and Archstone Consulting and has taken international companies such as Wrigley, Danone and Carrefour through the cycle of emerging technology assessment, business case and implementation.

  • John Robertson

    John began his career in 1970 with J. Henry Schroder Wagg, the London merchant bank, and has since held a number of senior positions in London, Montreal, Toronto and New York where he brought several significant oil and gas and mining companies to AIM.


Risk Warning

Investors should be aware that there are risks to investing in shares of companies, especially if they are private companies as there may be little or no market for the shares to be traded and dividends are unlikely to be paid. Investments may go down as well as up and therefore investors may not recover their initial investment.

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