• How does crowd funding with The Right Crowd work?

    There are 4 steps:

    1. Create your profile, and your project – Each project will be reviewed carefully by our Executive board and must be approved before fundraising can begin.
    2. Market your project – Take advantage of our social media tools to share your project with friends, family, colleagues, customers, the media and potential investors.
    3. Gather investors – Interested investors will be able to invest in projects in amounts as small as £50, or as large as they wish, via our online payment system.
    4. Collect funds– Once fundraising is completed for your project, all funds will be collected and sent to your designated account.

  • How do I create an account?

    To create an account, click here. You must enter the following information to set up your The Right Crowd account:

    • Your name,
    • User information

    Simply follow the on screen instructions as you go.

  • How long does each project have to raise their target amounts?

    Every project has 90 days in which to hit their target. This time may be extended at The Right Crowd’s sole discretion.

  • What does Pre-IPO mean?

    Pre-IPO is a shorter version for saying pre-initial public offering. This means the public can get involved with funding a company and helping raise a targeted amount before the company is placed in the stock market.

  • What is equity?

    Equity is the value of the shares issued by a company. When you invest with The Right Crowd you get shares in the company you invest in.

  • My project has hit its target. What happens now?

    Once your project reaches its target amount, the funds will be deposited into the project owners account 15 days after close. The Right Crowd team will contact successful project owners, and investors.