To all Investors,

As a company, we write to you to inform you that Hartreel Limited (trading as Hartreel Holdings) have completed and acquired all assets of Satchi Holdings PLC, and assumed responsibility for the performance of the obligations of Satchi Holdings PLC under the bonds. Hartreel Holdings is a multi-faceted private company who specialise in business to business asset based lending and in-house consultancy within the mergers and acquisitions arena. Satchi Holdings PLC is not in liquidation and any persons/companies reporting this is untrue.

Hartreel Holdings can confirm that as a result of the strategic asset purchase from Satchi Holdings PLC, your bond has been assigned as a going concern to Hartreel Holdings. The security trustee will be in touch to answer any questions that you may have and also to provide you with a copy of the notice of assignment directly from the security trustee.

Hartreel Holdings can confirm that we have taken the decision to repay all external debt positions (bond holders) early that are associated with the Satchi Holdings Plc asset purchase.

In line with your terms and conditions with your bond holding, you will receive a further email detailing your early redemption notice including the return of your initial capital including any interest that has been accrued to date.

As a company, we would like to work with you to realise a speedy and successful end to your current investment.

Our operating hours are Monday to Friday, 9am until 6.30pm and you can contact us on the following details:

Phone Number: 0203 966 2094

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