My Club Group is building on its mission to provide financial support for grassroots sports clubs by building out their ‘My Club Kit’ offering to be even more accessible to teams of all sports and all sizes.

My Club Kit has always provided high quality, durable and fully sublimated kit at great prices, with bespoke and customisable designs available to suit all needs and tastes, focused on key sports. But since the pandemic, My Club Group realised that there were additional ways to support the teams in their community by building out their Kit offering further.

My Club Group COO Graham Anderson said: “During the pandemic, we were able to engage and communicate with the existing clubs in our community, and really work out how we could be of the most help to the grassroots sports teams we support. We learned that sourcing affordable kit at great prices from a trustworthy source was a big problem for many, and so we decided to look at ways we could help make this easier. Building out the My Club Kit offering was the obvious solution.”

The newly relaunched My Club Kit offering now includes the following:

Payment plans available under the ‘Pay Now, Play Later’ banner

For teams who are unable to make such a big payment upfront, My Club Kit offers teams the option to pay in monthly instalments with 0% interest.

Free kits available with the monthly ‘Big Kit Giveaway’

To help as many teams as possible, My Club Group launched the Big Kit Giveaway, giving away 5 full free team kits each month via the online competition.

Kit available for all sports, and for teams of all sizes

Whatever the club’s sport, and with no minimum order size, My Club Kit is now proud to provide specialist kits for all activities.

All of these updates to My Club Kit build on the same high quality and durable kit, in the latest technical fabrics, all fully sublimated, with the bespoke and customisable designs that My Club Kit has always provided, at great prices.

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