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As a welcome email address we suggest you use welcome@companyname.com but you can use whatever address you chose. We need the security credentials for the email address to set it up on our site.

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If you wish to supply pictures for your website please send these over or we will choose these to compliment your logo and site.


We will require the following documents/information to be provided with this application.

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The ID must include at least one photographic ID (preferably passport or driving licence) used to identify the individual and one utility bill or bank statement used to identify their home address. The utility bill or bank statement should be dated no more than six months prior to the date of submission of this application.

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This is purely a guide, please complete with the wording for your own unique site.
We are unable to change the layout of the website but you are able to edit the content including both the titles and body text, please do stick to the word counts for each section set out below.

Please refer to our DEMO SITE to understand the layout of your site.

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