Borrow A Boat Ltd

How people go boating is changing – and Borrow A Boat is providing a 21st century solution.

BaB’s web and app solutions allow you to book boats of all types online for charter – whether a short notice request for day hire, a long weekend on board, or a 7-14 day boating trip for your summer holiday.

Building Britain’s leading boat charter marketplace, “the Airbnb of boats”, access to 35,000+ boats worldwide in more than 65 countries. Showing strong growth as the travel sector returns, and poised for international growth with expansion to multiple countries planned. Skippers are also available on any boat – meaning the boats are available for anyone to book regardless of experience.

Borrow a Boat achieved 300% annual growth in revenue to £146k in 2019 (P&L -£1.3m), with the total value of charters sold grown to £835k in the same period. They are now prominent in the boating industry – 3 of the largest global boat charter fleets have now all listed on BaB including sailing yachts, catamarans, speed boats RIBs, canal boats & more.

In summer 2019 Borrow A Boat Plus was launched for luxury crewed charter clients, and Borrow A Boat Experiences for itinerated boating trips, both adding new revenue streams to the business.

The global yacht charter market is projected to reach $25bn by 2027, yet research shows more people would get out on the water if it was more accessible. BaB makes it easier than ever for people to go boating and not only help bring the market together, but help grow it at the same time.


  • BORROW A BOAT RAISES £1,056,264
    26/11/2021 14:16

    Leading boat rental and yacht charter marketplace Borrow A Boat has complet

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    20/10/2021 14:29

    Britain’s leading boat rental and yacht charter marketplace, Borrow A Boa

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