Dasere Ltd

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I am able to introduce you to Dasere LTD and its latest advancement in the CBD and Medical Cannabis industry

We have all endured a very turbulent time of late, whether that be our own or our loved ones’ health concerns, social unrest and political instability or the unknown prospects of our financial wellbeing, 2022 has been the most testing of years.

Once we understood the medical benefits and financial growth potential of the legal cannabis market, we embarked on converting the existing farm to become a medicinal cannabis producer; currently the only legal CBD farm in Cyprus.

To educate the current market on the holistic practise of consuming medicinal cannabis to target the root cause (and not just the symptoms) for long-term health and wellbeing as well as subsequently deliver an outstanding return on investment to our investors, we have no doubt that we have secured the best opportunity of our time.

We sincerely look forward to welcoming you as our investors on this exciting new journey.

Thank you,

Brian McLean
Dasere LTD


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