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To address the rapidly growing EV marketplace The UK Electric Vehicle Company has launched an IFISA eligible Investment Bond, the ‘Electric Car Bond’.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The UK Electric Vehicle Company Limited was founded by Steven Burney in 2020 as we accelerate into the electric vehicle era. Electric UK cars sales market tripled in 2020, The UK Electric Vehicle Company is a marketing leading electric vehicle specialist that only sell preowned electric vehicles.

This foresight has created a first mover advantage for the UK Electric Vehicle Company presenting a unique investment opportunity in a rapidly expanding marketplace.

Investment Bonds are used to buy electric vehicles which are then sold through The UK Electric Vehicle Company’s national ‘Smart Partner Network’, with a vehicle’s sale generating the investor’s yield. The UK Electric Vehicle Company’s unique Smart Partner Network and the way in which we buy, sell and market vehicles minimizes our operating and marketing costs to maximize returns for our investors.

The UK Electric Vehicle Company will further build on its brand position in 2021 as the go to place to sell or purchase a preowned electric vehicle with the opening of a flagship showroom, new corporate office and EVC Operations Hub in Hertfordshire. The Operations Hub will centralise the digital part of the business that is responsible for our online buying and selling platforms; www.webuyanyelectricvehicles.co.uk, www.webuyanytesla.co.uk and www.theelectricvehiclecompany.com.

Steve Burney, Founder, The UK Electric Vehicle Company is a London born and bred entrepreneur and has a reputation for spotting an emerging marketplace. He capitalised on the London tourist industry by designing and launching the famous London Heritage Kiosks that serve millions of tourists each year. He is also the man behind the ‘I Love London’ trademark and distribution of commemorative memorabilia the Diamond Jubilee, Royal Weddings, and the births of the Royal children. His global reach has seen him instrumental in product launches with brands including Coca Cola and Disney.

Electric vehicles are the start of a new transport revolution. The Electric UK cars sales market has tripled in 2020; 108,205 electric cars were sold in the UK in 2020 which is an increase of 185.9% from 2019. Petrol and diesel car sales in the UK will be banned by 2030. Electric vehicle ownership in the UK is projected to reach 11.2m by 2025 and rising to 31m by 2030.

The UK Electric Vehicle Company makes buying and selling electric vehicles easy, enjoyable and provides total peace of mind – we hope you can join us on our enjoyable and rewarding journey.



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