The Advanced Blast & Ballistics ‘Group’ is now on the cusp of rapid developments in both its major markets.
Alongside major potential developments for the mine/IED protection system for armoured vehicles the electric Vertical Take Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft and cargo drone market developments are now also becoming a major focus of activity. These are:-
1) Continuous Identification of Emergency Landing Sites for eVTOL and Other Aircraft
The new concept of a Look-Down Video/AI system on the aircraft which continuously identifies emergency landing sites under the flight path has received an enthusiastic response from both major players and regulators in the eVTOL industry, so is now a primary target for development and testing on aircraft before the end of 2022.
2) Secondary Systems

The primary Look-Down system also provides input for two other safety-critical eVTOL systems which we believe the industry will also need to implement to maximise safety before the regulators and insurers will allow full development of the Urban Air Taxi and autonomous (un-piloted) cargo delivery concept over city environments where the risk to people and property on the ground is a fundamental problem.

a) Identifying True GPS Location When the Normal GPS System Fails.

b) Providing Altitude and Descent Rate Information for Activation of the Retrorocket Landing Control System.

Development of one version of the retrorockets designed for small cargo drones has already begun, supported by a £23,000 R&D grant from the UK Aerospace UP programme. This design and others will also be used as parachute launch motors in the collaborative programme with our US partner Aviation Safety Resources Inc.

3) Armoured Vehicle Market Developments.

The major developments for the armoured vehicle systems are:-

a) Collaboration Discussion With Major European Company

Discussion re collaboration with a leading defence market player in Europe has begun with a focus on integrating our Vehicle Global Acceleration Mitigation (VGAM™) system into their current Active Protection suite. Given that this discussion results in a long-term agreement, as intended, this also provides a potential exit route for ABBS for this technology.

b) DARPA Proposal ‘Redefining Possible’.

A $1million proposal has been made to DARPA (the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) in response to their “Redefining Possible” call for proposals. This title describes precisely what our VGAM system does for mine and IED protection, dramatically increasing the size of blast that can be dealt with by an armoured vehicle while still protecting the occupants from injury.

c) Carbon Fibre Reinforced Belly Plate.

A £159,000 proposal has been made to the UK MOD for further development of the carbon fibre reinforced design concept which has produced promising results in previous testing for them during 2021.

d) GPS Denial of Service Attack Back-up System.

A variant of the Look-Down Video/AI system for drones to provide accurate GPS location data for military vehicles in GPS-denied situations has been proposed to the UK MOD, awaiting their response.

A more detailed technical version of this update is available on request to or call 07989 381057

Roger Sloman 22nd March 2022

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