Business Development Update

We are pleased to announce that following the engrossment of the varying bespoke electronic products that we offer, we can now expand both the capacity and the unitisation to include bonds (fixed and variable), equities (both ordinary and preferred) and revenue streaming notes (in bond format or unitised format for trading) in a full structural planning and enablement program.

We have already successfully completed dematerialisation of warrants and can further offer to combine a warrant participation program with any equity capital diversification any private sector company requires.

We are currently engaged with companies in the following sectors

  • Property, property development and project financing
  • Gaming and E-commerce
  • Vehicle leasing including corporate and personal vehicles
  • Sports, sporting clubs and sporting goods

Rapid growth in the demand for efficient accessibility to the capital market system has led to approaches on a number junior and mid cap projects that we are considering on a case-by-case basis. The essence of the program is designed to increase liquidity, visibility and accessibility for all qualified investors who have interests in or appetite for, the appropriate growth sector.

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