We have also created The Right Card, the exclusive means by which our clients will be able to buy and sell on our exchange.  This gives both client security on their funds, instant execution and settlement for trades plus a range of other benefits, including free Right Coins for discounts on our services, including placings, commissions and preferential FX rates.  The Right Crowd recognises the fundamental importance and value of eMoney to our offerings and therefore brought together a team from some of the most influential fintech companies in Europe, to drive the expansion of eMoney into our wider regulated business.


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Exclusive card services

Access to The Right Crowd platforms and a range of exclusive loyalty and lifestyle brands

Multi-currency digital wallet

Hold funds in EUR, GBP, and USD with UK and European IBAN accounts

Global access to funds

Withdraw your funds anywhere in the world with your Right Card

Crypto trading

Trade crypto currencies directly on The Right Coin crypto trading platform

Preferential foreign exchange rates

Bank beating exchange rates on foreign currency payments and transfers

Real-time remittance

Make remittances in real-time direct from your Right Card account

Reduced trading fees

Benefit from preferential rates and reduced fees on The Right Crowd platforms