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There are so many crowdfunding platforms out there with thousands of investment opportunities, but how do you know what the right investment is, and when you will find an exit for your shares? You could be waiting years, or you may never find an exit if the company does not list on the stock market or sell trades.

We created the The Right Crowd to help solve this problem. We only list companies that we know are ready to go to the next level, but need that extra help that the city and financial institutions won't provide.

We work with companies on a long-term basis, helping them to raise the funds they need and build their corporate governance so they are able to go to the next stage for a potential exit.

All companies get a 3-year Corporate Finance Agreement allowing them access to the corporate world, and preparing the company for the next stage in its growth.

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The Funding is now CLOSED!! A successful Round and we look forward to watching Startup Giants Grow. …
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Risk Warning

Investors should be aware that there are risks to investing in shares of companies, especially if they are private companies as there may be little or no market for the shares to be traded and dividends are unlikely to be paid. Investments may go down as well as up and therefore investors may not recover their initial investment.
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